3 Cat Killer Foods! Toxic foods cats should avoid at all costs!

hi guys welcome to relax my cat my name is Savannah and here with me is the lovely Mia and today’s video is all food based so I think we are all super guilty of feeding our cats things that we definitely should not be feeding them like a piece of cheese every now and again and for the most part we can get away with these kinds of things but not all food that we can eat are safe for a cat and look at this.

I wanted to make a video about that so that makes this video yeah so with that said this video is three foods I bet you didn’t know are bad for your cat well one or two you might of guessed AGHHH Savage all right so we all know that dairy foods are really not the best for your cat but I wanted to dig a little bit deeper and find some best cat foods that was still really bad but not so much found in every single list.

you would see so ones that aren’t very common but still common enough to cause a threat the first one is alcohol I know the chances of your cat getting their nose in a bottle of rose is pretty slim but but even a teaspoon of alcohol can cause serious problems for your cat I think it’s all a bit more realistic.

if you give them a piece of meat or chicken that’s been cooked in like a wine sauce definitely stay away from that because alcohol is again really really bad for cats and it can cause like liver failure really quickly like within 12 hours so stay clear the next one is a little bit of a shock to me because it’s one of my favorites and Mia has tried to eat one before and spat it out.

its raisins and grapes they’re really really dangerous for your cats so I’m just super glad that she spat it out and as soon as I kind of found this one out I moved them from the bottom shelf where they are right to the top just in case cuz this may be something that your cat actually will get their nose into and might try to eat raisins can lead to a massive massive kidney failure and death quickly following so just try to keep them as far away from your cat as possible and most fruit is not really great for cats anyways the last one you may be thinking why would my cat ever get this but if you keep your cat on the counters when cooking this should be fine or just be vigilint if you drop any it’s dough like uncooked baked good sespecially any dough’s where theres yeast.

they expand in animal stomachs like to a massive degree and then that’s really painful for them especially considering cat sizes and then the yeast once ingested it turns into alcohol so yeah it turns it to alcohol which makes it just like a double whammy double whammy for dangerous I don’t ah I’m trying to be serious and you’re biting me so yeah definitely no yeast mia is not a very helpful co-host today honestly to be safe keep most uncooked things just away from your cat a lot of lists say things like uncooked tuna and fish in very large quantities can be really dangerous and I think that’s the mercury that can be found in certain fish but yeah most uncooked things especially those with yeast in keep them away your cat doesn’t need them okay and since Mia has left me yet again don’t mess up your nails I just did those.

I will reveal a t-shirt winner this week so we have a t-shirt winner to announce and I’m gonna have a look now and see who has won ok ok so our winner this week of a relaxed my cap t-shirt is Dina Al Khouryso well done congratulations everyone thank you so much for commenting as usual.

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you’re entered and we will tell you next week if you have won or not hey so again thank you guys so much for tuning in it really means a lot to me and Mia doesn’t it Mia that’s a yes and I hope I will see you here again next week thank you so much and I’ll see you then bye bye.

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