Best Wet Food For the Kittens.

Animonda Vom Feinsten Kitten Baby Pate. Is easily digestive product in the composition of which there are no grain crops and soya. Royal Canin Mother and Baby cat Ultra soft Mousse. The creamy texture of the mousse baby cat instinctively facilitates kittens transition from breast milk to solid food. Almo Nature Kitten with Chicken.

Offers your cat all the variety and authenticity that only a natural cat food can provide.Mac’s Feins chmecker Kitten with Turkey, Duck and Carrot.

Is a grain-free cat formula that is developed as a balanced and complete diet to support the well-being of your pet.Terra Faelis Turkey with Celery and Marigold.

Lots of fresh muscle meat supplies the energy that little kittens need to explore the world.Schmusy Nature’s Menu Kitten with Salmon.

This delicious kitten meal is enriched with minerals and vitamins and also contains valuable ta urine which is important for healthy eyes and heart.

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hey guys my cat is going high-tech with this Hommini automatic pet feeder the smart pet feeder by Hominy allows you to feed your pet via your phone or other devices and a lot of animal has an HD camera so that you can see what’s happening in real time and take photos or videos of your pet I want to open the box.

Assemble it right now unlike most smart pet feeders this one includes a water bottle right here on the right side you’re able to switch to another water bottle if you’d like but this one holds 250 milliliters of water this pet feeder holds 3. Find here the best cat tree for two cats.

5 liters of food you just loose at the top and there you go you put your food and then twist it closed alright so I’m going to add some food water and then add the app to my phone there I’ve added some food now I could even add some more if I wanted to all right so now I’m installing the app this guide that comes with the pet feeder explains the how-to on how to download the app what steps you need to go through very helpful and very detailed as well so this will definitely help you so I have connected it to the Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi of the device here.

I am waiting for the devices to officially be connected so now the connection is complete so now we can enjoy our pet feeder so when you get to the app you have four choices down at the bottom you have feet camera info setting you can do a manual feeding or you can do a program feeding as well which is very cool just in case you forget you can do your info of your animal you can put down the birthday how much he weighs his name what type of dog or cat he is it’ll also show you how much you have fed them as well.

you could put a picture the camera option shows real life footage via video you can also take pictures you can speak to them via the microphone option take pictures I think I said that and hear what’s going on just in case you know maybe something is going on at your house and you’re not home maybe you can even use this to call 9-1-1 or something there’s also the settings bar where you can change your password and other general settings about the app itself so we’re gonna go feed the kitty all right so we are going into a manual feeding and it asks you how many portions you want so.

I’m going to say about four so here we go and there we go you can install 3 D batteries if you’d like to allow the feeder to function if your power were to go out so in that case any scheduled feedings will take place but you won’t be able to use the apps functions it includes are movable plastic tray which is right here it’s the clear one right here that you can put in the put in side of the black piece here and use it in the dish washer to clean it there is a power cable cover which is has a tea bike key casing and that’s good for a safety feature.

Especially if your dog or cat likes to chew on things the camera is a 110 degree HD camera with voice recording as I showed you in the app so this is the manual and I just want to show you how clear everything is inside of it the pictures are pretty big very self-explanatory especially how to navigate the app because sometimes that can be very tricky it’s offered in Spanish as well.

so if you flip to the back you can go you’ll find the Spanish section especially if you’re a Spanish speaker and it’s just it’s very clear very clear she really likes it kitty-kitty-kitty all right so this is the really cool really functional Hommini automatic pet feeder this would be a great addition toy our pets and his needs his or her needs we appreciate your likes and comments so please subscribe to our Channel and check the link description to follow us on various social medias as well thanks for watching.

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