Dealing with Cat Fleas

Dealing with Cat Fleas

There is one simple question: how can i get rid of my cats fleas. He often comes to measked by those who follow me if necessary treat even the cats that live only at home and the answer is: absolutely yes! because we can be also we humans who entering and leaving home we can take with us, attach fleas to your clothes, or larvae, or flea pupae and the treatment with pesticide goes done throughout the year, not just in spring, this is because the life cycle of the flea is very long and now I go a bit to explain. When you see a flea on the your cat is already a flea adult and the adult flea needs food, then blood and then nibbles your cat, but be careful because it cannibbling you too, it happened to me and it is absolutely not a pleasant thing.

After the meal the flea lays its eggs, lays a lot of eggs, which they can infest also the environment, the kennels of the cat, floors, sofas and so on. After even ten days, from the eggs small larvae and larvae are born they survive in the gray areas of the our house, under the skirting board, between the carpets, in the crevices of the sofa and yes they feed on organic debris, scraps, powders, and they stay there until they make one cocoon, that is, become pupae. Do a cocoon always using these debris organic.

To become pupae the larvae there they put another ten days, once they have become pupae, so they have cocooned, it takes 140 days so that they ripen and become gods adult fleas, so almost four months. Once they have matured then they leave thecocoon, become adult fleas and that’s where they need it to nibble something, then like you understand the life cycle of the flea is very long and that’s why flea treatment should be given during throughout the year, because if there are pupae in your house living in the folds of the sofa, one once they become adults, they infest again your cat and can become adults even in winter. In the market there are multitudes of anti parasitic, I recommend you consult with your veterinarian to find the pesticide more suitable for your cat, and they also exist of household cleaning products specific for fleas, so eradicate the pupae that are a stage offlea life harder than remove.

Fleas absolutely go kept under control because they are the vehicle of diseases such as emobartonellosis, they also carry a parasite similar to tapeworm and are risky not only for the cat, but also for us humans. Also for the cat they are annoying for the itching they cause and can cause also of the dermatitis caused by allergy right at the flea bite. So let’s hear what he tells us about Dr. Beatrice Martinelli. Another important thing is dermatitis from fleas. Many owners are convinced that their cat does not have the fleas because they do not see them, know one What, this told me, I’ll remember For all life, one of the best dermatologists That II met, he is a graduate of course, very good and told me: when you see them fleas, know that the cat is invaded, that is it means that there are an infinite number of them.

Finding one means that there will be another 100, when you see so many, you do not know how many there are, so there is not fossilize that you do not see them, the hair of the cat is thick, the cat however it is not very small, you have to turn it over and the flea is very fast, therefore especially if a cat is black you know that fleas are small and black, if a cat is black I challenge you to see them well, if there are few. The cat can be allergic to flea bite develop a dermatitis terrible flea allergy. Also in In this case I will have to deal with some pipette the fleas, after which I will have to deal, if he has the dermatitis, both with the antibiotic, because surely he scratched himself, it was done some trouble, some pyoderma lesions, and even some cortisone for a few days for remove the itch from the cat and avoid having injurie scar abrasions induced by the prutite.

Therefore also in the case of dermatitis from fleas I can not only fossilize on the flea, but I must see if there is a pyoderma that is caused by itching and also remove that, if not, unfortunately the cat for the bacterial proliferation will continue to scratching even if the fleas are dead. So do not just get fossilized on that, but the vet will know you explain well. Thank you so much Beatrice you heard what he said female doctor? if you see a flea on the mantle of the cat who knows how many there are! A other clue that can tell you that the cat has the fleas is if you see between the hair, when you widen the hair and see below the skin, if there are those little black dots small, which look like powder black, those are the excrements of the flea and if you see those means that the cat has fleas. You also notice it may be brushing the cat because you’re here black dots remain in the bristles of the brush or between the teeth of the comb.

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