Even The Best Dry Cat Food Can Be Harmful

Even the best dry cat food can be harmful this is the fourth in a series of videos I’m doing on the problems with dry cat food even with what you consider to be the best dry cat food which may also be the most expensive in this video I’m going to be discussing the problem with leaving dry cat food available all day a common practice I would just like to remind you that in video one I explored the ingredients of a popular dry cat food

why they’re not suitable or healthy for cats in video two I explained how dry cat food can lead to dehydration and chronic kidney disease as well as a whole lot more in video three I explained why commercial cat food and dry cat food in particular upsets the gut micro bio me which results in poor gut health the gut health is responsible for 90% of the immune system poor immunity leads to any disease in this video.

I’m discussing why any dry cat food even the best if there is such a thing the most expensive the most targeted for your cat’s condition including prescription diets is harmful quite apart from the reasons mentioned in the first three videos for various reasons people who feed their cats dry cat food frequently leave some out all day for their cats to graze on it will the most common reason I’ve heard is that they are out at work all day and they don’t like to leave their cat without something to nibble at I can understand why people feel this way as people feel their cats may be bored hungry or lonely being left shut in a home sometimes even a room all day with nothing to do must be very boring for our highly intelligent feline friends but all day food is not the answer cats are lone hunters in the wild hunts are not always successful by any means a50% success rate would be exceptional

that’s in optimum conditions where there’s plenty of prey not much competition good health clement weather and so on and cats are very patient once they have discovered where prey is hiding out they can sit waiting for long periods they’re very alert and patient so cats are conditioned to go long periods without food they cope just fine even a few days without food won’t harm an otherwise healthy cat yes I’m aware vets tell you otherwise.

but please consider my previous comments the habit of allowing cats to graze all day means that the last meal has not digested before the next meal is eaten this can lead to digestive disorders the feline gut is not meant to be in constant use their digestive disorders may take years to appear so the connection is never made constant grazing all day is beneficial for herbivores they need to as plant-based food is less nutritionally dense than meat cats eating good-quality food such as their natural prey are getting all the nutrition they need in just a couple or so of small meals a day the animal in the jaws of the cat in this photo is about the same size as a cats stomach the cat will be replete on this single catch for several hours carnivores don’t need frequent meals.

they need the food they evolved on not processed food from questionable origins of dubious age that comes in a pretty packet they need fresh food not food that can sit on the store shelf for years you can learn to feed your cat a healthy way which is also a convenient way most of us are busy with little spare time certainly my way takes a little more time than simply opening a packet .

but not much more not when you know how you may never know how much this saves you and your cat not just in monetary terms but anguish – not to mention pain if you’d like some help finding better and healthier food for your cat to live healthier and longer lives check out my website below

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