Self Cleaning Litter Box for Cats

Litter Box for the Cats

Are you thinking what kind of litter is best for cats. I’m just going to give you some advice on what to do if your cat is urinating outside of the box and it’s an actual behavioral problem not a medical one. The first thing you’re going to want to do is make sure that you’re cleaning that litter box on a daily basis. The other thing is if you’re finding your cat is urinating somewhere else in the house you may want to temporarily provide them with a litter box in that location as well. Trying to figure out why they’re not using the litter box may be worth it because if you have a litter box that Scott sides that are very high and your cat is overweight or starting to become arthritic, it may not want to step into that litter box. You can even make your own litter box by buying a large plastic bin, cutting it to have very low sides and putting litter in that so that they can really just step into it.

I really like to do this without letting the cat know that you put the treats there. If you do that your cat will just happen to find treats by the litter box it’ll start coming around the litter box more often to find those treats and it just may happen to have to use it at that time. The other things you can do as well is you can try to engage your cat if this is happening because of stress, you could try to destress your cat by enriching its environment. You can give it toys to play with you can use a laser pointer and run that along the walls and get a lot of exercise into your cat. If some of these simple things are not working you might want to work with your veterinarian on products that you could use that are anti-anxiety. There are medications that you can go to but there are also naturopathic supplements that may decrease anxiety in your cat and help it start using the litter box again.

You have to take this behavior seriously the longer it lasts, the more it’s ingrained and it’s harder to get rid of, so get on top of it right away. If simple things you’re doing at home don’t work, you’re going to want to call your veterinarian and get onto those other more serious options to intervene and fix the problem. With our pets behavioral problems can be worse than medical conditions it’s hard to live with a pet that’s disrupting your home environment that much.

Cats are our best friends and family members. They give us joy. They can comfort us and cheer us up. We simply love cats and everything related to them maybe except for one this unpleasant smell! If it was possible, each of us would like to eliminate him from his life. This unpleasant smelling problem he inspired us to look for a solution. We got to work and created a conceptual solution reliable, convenient and inexpensive self-cleaning cuvette. Now we can offer you Smart Kitty Box self-cleaning solution The best invention – for cat lovers – the gadget is indispensable. Our litter box has been adapted to all cat sizes and needs. For safety, we’ve equipped it with sensors.

Thanks to them, the cuvette starts work only after your cat’s visit. Copes with impurities, regardless of their size placing them in a separate container that remains closed after use That way you can be sure that your cat’s visits to the toilet will not bother you anymore. Above all, SMART KITTY does not have to be emptied after every visit of your pet. Thanks to the built-in WIFI module your Smart Kitty litter will notify you when you have to empty the container with sewage just by sending you an SMS message to your smart phone. This solution allows you to effectively operate the toilet of your cat no matter where you are. The free application will be available for Android, IOS and Microsoft users Our goal was to create the most practical automatic litter box ever made.

It is characterized by high-end design to ensure its most convenient and easiest application. We know well how important a good project is. Smart Kitty cuvette is available in various colors which allows you to match the color scheme according to your preferences. Choose the color you like, and then set the Smart Kitty cuvette in the most convenient place for you. A calm head. Your cat will appreciate the new acquisition and he will like it. We therefore introduce you to our self-cleaning Smart Kitty litter box. The project is ready, and one small step separates us from the start of production. We need your support, that cats and their owners around the world they could use the advantages of our Smart Kitty Box. The best household appliance you’ve ever owned.

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