Top 10 Poisonous Food for Cats and Dogs

did you know that to lots of food we love to eat is actually poisonous for dogs and cats they may even be deadly so what snack should you never feed your dog and which foods are best locked away from your cat? stick around to learn about the top ten deadly food for our pets Hi I’m Dr.

Alex Avery from our pets health.

Com helping you and your pet to live healthier happier lives we often love to share our food with our pets but stop and think again is this actually safe and which food should we avoid giving our cats and dogs if your pet eats any of these things and the best thing to do is to get advice straight away from your local vet don’t wait until they’re developing problems .

Because by then it could be too late better still avoid giving them to your pet in the first place don’t leave them lying around and make sure they are stored away safely in cupboards right so let’s start the top ten list two poisonous food for cats and dogs with a bonus number 11 at the end a number one is probably the most common poisoning seen at the vet clinic but thankfully not the most dangerous chocolate it is irresistible to us and also our pets who will often break into a cupboard or climb a shelf before consuming a whole box of chocolates Christmas and Easter are understandably the peak times for this to happen now what happens next really depends on the size of your pet the type of chocolate involved and it’s fairly obvious that the larger the dog the more they have to eat to get sick but did you know that chocolate type also plays a huge role now this is because different types contain different amounts of the poisonous ingredient thio bromide generally the posher or more expensive the chocolatethe worse the problem and chocolate for cooking is even worse white chocolate contains tiny levels milk chocolate contains more and dark chocolate cooking chocolate and cocoa powder contain very large amounts of the obromine in comparison so clearly they’re dangerous worse for our smaller dogs especially if they get into a dark chocolate a 5 kilo or 11 pound dog would only need to eat around 15 grams or half an ounce of dark chocolate to start suffering from signs of poisoning now this is not very much if it was milk chocolate.

they they’re only likely to start having problems after eating 60 grams or over two ounces a thirty kilo or 66 pound Labrador though would need to eat three hundred and sixty grams or twelve ounces of milk chocolate or 90 grams or a little over three ounces of dark chocolate before showing signs of poisoning chocolate toxicity causes problems ranging from vomiting and diarrhea through to heart arrhythmias bloating tremor seizures and death thankfully most dog owners are very aware of the dangers of chocolate and severe untreated poisoning is thankfully rare in most cases a quick trip to the vet to make them sick is all that is required but if they ate the chocolate more than a few hours previously or they ate a very large amount above the toxic dose then they may need hospitalization for closer monitoring and treatment cats are also affected but as they are unable to taste sweet things they don’t tend to be too fussed by chocolate and so generally leave it well alone in no particular order at number two on our list of poisonous foods is grapes and raisins now this is less clear-cut than chocolate for several reasons and the first is that no one knows exactly what it is in the grape that causes the problem the second is that not every animal is equally affected.

what we do know though is that eating grapes and raisins can cause irreversible kidney damage resulting in death we also know that there have been reports of some dogs eating only a small handful of grapes but still showing signs of poisoning now using the lowest reported toxic dose for raisins and grapes a 10-pound or four and a half kilo dog can be poisoned by as little as 17 average-sized grapes or 11 raisins a forty pound or 18 kilo dog would therefore need to eat 68grapes or 44 raisins but having said all that there are a reports of an 18 pound or just over 8 kilo dog dying after eating only 4 to 5 grapes and this is less than the supposed minimum toxic dose the bottom line is that we don’t know how many grapes or raisins will kill a dog for some it may be a very small number while others may need to eat a much larger amount and be completely fine cats again can also be affected but as with chocolate they tend to be more selective as to what they eat nowthis presents a problem what should we do if we know our pet has eaten grapes now some people will be happy to just watch their pet and if they show any signs of problems such as vomiting diarrhea pain weakness wobbliness or if they go off their food then to seek treatment at that point now the problem with this is that if the kidneys are damaged then this may be irreversible and treatment may not be able to save your pet where more may have been able to have been done had they seen a vet straight away because the consequences are so severe.

I would recommend a more risk adverse approach if your pet has eaten more than the lowest reported toxic dose then you should contact your vet straight away for advice if they have eaten less than this then there is still a highly valid argument that you should contact your vet straight away prompt treatment is much more likely to be successful compared to treatment after your pet is already unwell now this one surprise you but onions have the potential to be very poisonous to our dogs and cats they lack the enzyme to properly digest them which can lead destruction of the body’s red blood cells and in extreme cases thighs resulting anemia may cause death other members of the Allium family include chives and leeks all of which can cause the same problem .

thankfully it takes a lot to be eaten in a single setting to cause such severe problems a30 pound or 14 kilo dog we need to eat about eight medium onions although six onions would still be enough to make them very unwell cats however are much more sensitive with a standard nine pound of 4 kilo kitty only needing to eat 15 to 20 grams of onion for poisoning to occur garlic then is five times more poisonous although a single serving of anything with a sprinkle of garlic powder is unlikely to cause problems again a relatively large amount of still need to be eaten in a single sitting and the risk is relatively low so you might think that this means there’s no cause for concern well .

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